Senior School




Welcome back to school for Term 3 – students have hit the ground running this term after what we hope has been a fun and relaxing break. This term is packed with important dates and events. Please use this document as a guide for our learning program this term. 


5/6 TEAM


Room 5– Rachael Morris

Room 6– Stuart Mills

Room 7– Cemre Mani 

Room 8– John Boland

Room 9– Rachel Withers

Room 10– Susan Moloney


Intervention Teacher -Melissa Bowker

Team Leader - Kathryn Pollock


As an additional form of communication, parents are encouraged to contact staff  via email for non urgent issues. As per Killara Email Protocols, matters of a sensitive nature requiring confidentiality may be better referred to phone calls or a face-to-face meeting. 

These email contacts are supplied for direct use between parents and teachers and should not be appropriated for any other purpose.

We ask that parents please refrain from entering classrooms in the mornings and afternoon without first arranging a meeting time. Mornings are essential for being set up and organised for our day ahead. We understand that there may be a matter of urgency and are quite accomodating, however if it is something that you could communicate via email or arrange an appropriate time, we'd appreciate it and thank you for your support.





1:1 Netbook Protocols


The 1:1 netbook program for 5/6 students at Killara is dependent on all students bringing their device each day. If students continually leave their device at home or bring it to school uncharged, it will inhibit their classroom teacher’s ability to include them in purposeful digital tasks. 

If students are regularly bringing their devices to school uncharged, or leaving them at home, students will lose the right to take netbooks home for two nights and will complete any missed classwork during break times. 

We are planning some very exciting investigations this term that are reliant on the 1:1 program, and we would like to avoid kids to being left out due to poor organisation.




This is a very exciting time for Grade 6s, as graduation is fast-approaching. Over the next few weeks information will be sent home regarding the event, including invitations and ticketing information.


Graduation will be held at Pitruzzello Estate on Tuesday the 19th of December. Throughout this term students will be working with Kelli Brogan and with their classroom teachers to learn and revise a special dance for the night. 



Year 6 Graduation


Year 6 graduation will be held on Tuesday 19th December at Pitruzzello Estate. Stay tuned for more information closer to the date!  


Home Learning


Students are responsible for reading each night, and taking their diaries to and from school. Weekly spelling words and Maths facts should be practiced at home, also. 

Please speak to your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions about this.




Blogging is a great way for classes to connect with each other as well as with the outside world. We encourage parents and students to explore our classroom blogs (and we love receiving comments!)






Upcoming Events and Important Dates 


10th November – T20 Milo Blast Competition


13th – 14th November – 5/6 Chemistry Incursion


30th November – 5/6 CommBank Incursion


12th December – Year 3-5 Swimming Trials


19th December - Year 6



Staff Email Addresses

A reminder that 5/6 Team members can be contacted at the below email addresses:


Room 5, 5/6G - Rachael Morris 



Room 6, 5/6B - Stuart Mills



Room 7, 5/6C - Cemre Mani



Room 8, 5/6D - John Boland



Room 9, 5/6 E - Rachel Withers



Room 10. 5/6F - Susan Moloney