Our Staff 2017

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Phil Clinkaberry

Assistant Principal (Management and Student Wellbeing)


Andrew O'Callaghan

Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)


Peter Hansen

Prep Team

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Jessica Cox

Dianne David

Alycia Holland

Alex Chettle

1/2 Team

Room 17

Room 18

Room 19

Room 20

Room 23

Room 24

Room 25

Room 26

Deb Shepherd

Kellie Sanderson

Melissa Cowling

Maddy Psarianos

Jade Batey

Emma Rayner

Cynthia Marchment

Sarah Round

3/4 Team

Room 12

Room 13

Room 14

Room 15

Room 16

Room 21

Room 22

Sam Burnett

Lauren McShanag

Alex Pernice

Chelsea O'Meara 

Nina Cerantonio

Karen Francis

Robyn Smith

5/6 Team

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7

Room 8

Room 9

Room 10

Rachael Morris

Stuart Mills

Cemre Mani

John Boland

Rachel Withers

Susan Moloney


PE - Gym

Art Room

Art Room

Music Room


AUSLAN - Rm 11

Rebecca Gerber

Marie Ryan

Julie Macdonald

Kelli Brogan

Heather Huke

Emily Farrell

Team Leaders


Kathryn Pollock

Emma Heywood

Literacy Intervention


Carol Ellis

Melissa Bowker

Emma Rayner

Gardener / Maintenance


Ian Kluken

Office Staff


Deb Wilson (Business Manager)

Andrea Heales

Angela Weaver



Leanne Clement

Hannah Haarhoff

Lineen Milam

IT Technician


Christian Quilinderino

Vincent Dinh



Andrea Farrugia

Kathleen Patman